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El regreso de los conversadores

En el libro The Cluetrain Manifesto (1999) se predecía que los mercados se convertirían en grandes conversaciones globales. Algo similar ha pasado con los medios de comunicación y la política. La transformación digital ha cambiado las esferas pública y privada, en donde ahora se mimetizan multitudes…

Media Bias and what you can do about it

How to understand media bias and what to do about it

The New Sit-ins are a Hashtag

The recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt have rekindled the discussion about the role of social networks, and triggered a speech by Secretary Clinton about Internet freedom. The speech emphasizes that it is the people who change regimes, but access to the Internet must be…

#Spanish revolution

Taking the Square: Digital Activism in Spain

Nobody expects the spanishrevolution. With this Python-inspired phrase and a V-mask a protester made the point that the Spanish political system is in turmoil. The construction bubble that sustained economic growth burst with the financial crisis of 2008. The result is a high level of…